Yoga classes and workshops at our Windsor clinic

Our Yoga classes are designed to calm the mind and revitalise the body.  Whether a releative newcomer to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, classes are suitable for a range of abilities.


Hatha classes reflect traditional yoga teachings with a focus on alignment and fostering body awareness.  Classes often focus on a particular area where we tend to hold stress - neck and shoulders or hips - or sometimes focus on a common 'problem spot' like hamstrings or core strength.

Yin/Yang classes are a challenging mix of held postures moving into a more dynamic sequence.  Classes can be adapted to suit the needs of the participants.  In a yin class, you start with cold muscles and try to move beyond stretching of the muscle to stressing the fascia.  This has many benefits including increased flexibility and reducing injuries.


Classes to suit you, at a price you’ll love

Our Yoga instructors are available to teach one-on-one or group classes at our Windsor clinic.

For further details on session availability and pricing; don't hesitate to call our expert team today.


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