Improve your quality of life with Pilates

Here at Apple Physiotherapy we utilise Pilates to improve the flexibility, strength and control of your body and its muscle groups through holistic means.

This is because Pilates helps to develop the body uniformly; correcting posture, restoring physical vitality and invigorating your mind and spirit.

Classes to suit you, at a price you’ll love

Our Pilates instructors are available to teach one-on-one or group Pilates classes for up to 4 people at both our Bracknell and Windsor clinics. 

We also offer Mat Classes at both venues and yoga for up to 8 people in Windsor only.

For further details on session availability and pricing; don't hesitate to call our expert team today.

Apple Physiotherapy: For your mind, body and soul

From Physiotherapy to Acupuncture; if you're searching for a way to improve your body's health in Berkshire, Apple Physiotherapy offer a holistic solution for what ails you.

Call our team today for a consultation, or to book a class with one of our Pilates specialists.