What is Video Gait Analysis?

Video Gait Analysis is used to establish an advanced biomechanical profile of how you walk and run.  Using sophisticated computer software, the information gained from this analysis can help identify areas of weakness and abnormality which could be causing or lead to injuries.

Apple's highly experienced physiotherapists can then treat or prescribe bespoke rehabilitation exercise to address any problems or discrepancies, to help keep you moving injury free.

Video Gait Analysis Packages

We offer a number of packages:

  • Bronze (45 minutes) - a fully explained head to toe Video Gait Analysis with foot posture assessment and footware advice.
  • Silver (60 minutes) - An extended evaluation consisting of the Bronze Video Gait Analysis and a static posture, lower limb strength and core stability assessment, followed by advice on rehabilitation exercises and stretches.
  • Gold (90 minutes) - The full silver assessment preceding a 30 minute treatment or rehabilitation session working through a comprehensive, bespoke stretching and rehabilitation programme.

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