New Reformer/Tower Studio in Windsor!

We are so excited that our New Reformer / Tower Studio in Windsor will officially be launched at a very exciting Pilates Open Day on Saturday 11thMay 2019.

However, we will be running some exclusive promotional taster Classes prior to the open day at a special introductory cost of £15 per session (due to this amazing discount we are only able to offer one class per person)

As there are only 4 people per class, spots will go very quickly so call us on 01753 866 274 and secure your preferred date and time now!   Please note that due to the limited numbers payment will also be needed to be made at time of booking to secure your place.

We will have an exclusive offer for those who attend the Pilates taster class but this offer will expire on 4th May so you must get in contact to book your place asap.

At Apple Physiotherapy we are super proud to be one of the only studios in the area to offer such small and exclusive classes. Our Exclusive Reformer / Tower Classes will never have more than 4 people – this enables the instructor to modify and tailor each exercise to suit the individual participants whilst enjoying exercise in a small group environment safely.

In addition to our new Reformer/Tower Studio and our mat studio we have a wonderful new Private and Semi-Private equipment studio.  Information on our Open Day will be sent out shortly but if you can’t wait until then why not pop along to the one of the clinics to see our wonderful and unique spaces. Pop over for a coffee or tea and sit down with one of our fabulous front of house team members to discuss your options.

Our highly skilled and experienced Pilates Team will empower you through your movement journey at one of our many studios.  In our friendly studio atmosphere you will be supported and encouraged to find and achieve your own goals.

We see the multidisciplinary benefits of Pilates and passionately endorse Pilates for rehabilitation, mental wellbeing and fitness purposes.  Here at Apple we are very proud to be able to offer various options to suit all levels.

We also offer 121 sessions, Duet classes, and Mat Pilates.  Whether it’s Pilates group classes or using the fitness equipment… working out as buddies or a small group will bring everyone faster results! Attain stronger, defined, healthier and confident bodies.

Our 121 sessions are an amazing introduction to the wonderful world of Pilates and are great for those who might feel nervous about exercising in a group environment.

Our Mat classes only consist of a maximum of 8 people.  This allows our instructor to get hands on with each participant which ensure you get maximum benefit for each individual session.

Our studios at both Bracknell and Windsor offer a wide range of equipment including the Cadillac, Ladder Barrel The Wunda Chair and Reformer.

Are you in???

Below is our timetable – why not get in touch to enquire about our prices and the great value packages that we have on offer.


Here at Apple Physiotherapy we have worked with back pain for many years and truly have a great knowledge of how to diagnose and manage your back pain.

There are several common mistakes we consistently see people are making when they have back pain.

Could you or someone you know be making one or more of these mistakes?

We list the most common mistakes below and what YOU can do about it…..

Mistake # 1

Ignoring the pain, thinking it will go away on its own.

We often ask clients, how long have you had your pain? The replies most commonly vary from months to years. I was hoping it would sort itself out.

Just getting on with things and thinking the pain will go away, may work but this will take a lot of time, plus, that’s if the pain ever goes away anyway.

Early intervention is shown to help reduce your pain in the long term.

So if there is a niggle get it assessed by a professional.

Mistake # 2

Trusting in medications, hoping issue will resolve

Yes, taking medication can help to ease pain. However, medication is not treating the real source of the problem. You need to see a Health Care Professional who can diagnose the problem and advise on a recovery plan.

Often medication does play an important part on the recovery journey.

Mistake # 3

Too often our clients tell us that they have been following the advice of a friend or family member to manage their symptoms.

What may have worked for your Auntie Mary to ease her back pain is not necessarily what is going to work for you. We are all individuals and very different in our body make up, and your back pain could be coming from an entirely different source! You need to seek professional advice that will diagnose the root cause of the problem.

Mistake # 4

Youtube. I regularly have clients who attend and demonstrate to me a set of exercises that they have found on Youtube for their symptoms. I’ll be honest the effectiveness of these exercises can really vary as often the exercises are incorrect and potentially harmful for that particular problem.

Exercise for your back should be specific for your needs. Therefore, understanding what’s actually wrong with you will help you make a much better informed decision about what exercise will be most beneficial. Avoid exercise that increase your pain.

Mistake # 5

Rushing back into activities too soon.

Rushing back to activities too quickly can be detrimental to your recovery. Too much stressful activity on the body, with the body in a weakened state can quickly escalate your back pain.

Mistake # 6

Playing it too safe and resting for too long

Current research suggests that exercise is the best action to take to help you recover from back pain.

Again remember, resting is almost like doing nothing, and you are always

better trying to do something to help yourself recover.

Mistake # 7

Waiting too long to ask the right person for help

The longer you wait to ask the right person, the longer you suffer with pain. You may also prolong the amount of time that it will take to recover from your back pain. My advice is to contact a health professional ASAP. If you are already making any of these mistakes, you are not alone and you should know at the outset, rarely is it ever too late to get things right.

Here is the great news: Even if you have been making ALL of these mistakes we can still help you!

For more tips like this to help you or a loved one ease low back pain, here’s a free guide to help you keep active with less back pain……

Connect with us on via telephone or email us to tell us what’s going on with your back.  A member of the team can take your details and we can email or post a copy. Here’s our contact form.


…Meaning A Better Night’s Sleep, More Energy, Less Worry, And Above All…MORE Freedom To Do Things With LESS PAIN And Less Tension!… And That Would Be Nice, Right?

About the Author: Leslie Abrahams


Leslie is a Physio, Pilates Educator and Rehab Specialist who has a special interest in Spinal Treatments, lower limb injuries, and has vast experience dealing with patients post injury or surgery. Every week, for over 20 years, 100’s of people aged 30-64+ have consulted Leslie and his team looking for answers to concerning questions about, and for, a fast end to their health worries and physical pains and stiffness.

 Leslie is a Master Trainer for the world renowned Australian Physiotherapy and Pilates Institute(APPI). He is regular key note speaker at conferences and travels internationally to present on modified exercise for rehabilitation. Leslie is the Director of Apple Physio Clinics situated in Bracknell and Windsor. Berkshire’s Specialist Private Physiotherapy Practice for People in their 30’s. 40’s, 50’s and 60’s, who want to keep healthy and active.

5 Tips To Stay Healthy(ish) This Christmas

Christmas is only a matter of sleeps away, which means Mariah Carey is following you everywhere, it’s acceptable to eat chocolate for breakfast, and there are endless supplies of mince pies and chocolate tins everywhere you go (and you always end up eating some).

Whilst there’s no doubt that the festive season is great fun if we’re being honest – it’s also full of stress and excess.

You’re trying to get everything sorted in time for Christmas Day, as well as be on top form for all the of your friends and familiy celebrations, all at the same time as eating copious amounts of platters of nibbles and maybe even enjoying more drinks than you usually would.

While I don’t want to turn into Scrooge over Christmas, we wanted to write this to let you know there’s a middle ground between over-doing it at all of your Christmas parties and replacing all chocolate with vegetables instead.

Even if it’s simply factoring in a 20 minutes afternoon walk each day, focusing on more protein, and choosing a good quality wine or gin over a big glass of Baileys – there’s plenty of ways to keep healthy, and not push to the side all of the hard work you’ve done leading up to the Christmas period.

Here are 5 tips to help you do that:

Switch things up in the kitchen:

There’s a handful of easy swaps that can taper the excess indulging and keep you feeling healthy – why not try sweet potatoes instead of your usual spuds? You can roast them or turn them into a delicious mash. Plus they’re high in fibre, potassium and vitamin A – just a handful of essential nutrients a lot of us miss out on.

When it comes to enjoying a nice drink, think about switching from heavy, creamy drinks to a good quality white tequila with ice and fresh lime, or a nice glass of wine.

There’s plenty of ways to swap foods for tasty, healthy options without them being ‘boring’.

Eat more citrus:

I begin and end each day with a cup of hot water and lemon. And in my fridge is always a fresh jug of water with sliced up lemon – this is a great way to get the body ready in the morning and for a good detox.

And if you’re feeling under the weather (because who doesn’t suffer from a cold this time of year?) add a teaspoon of honey to chase the winter bugs away.

Look after yourself:

We’re all aware of the importance of exercise and a healthy, balanced, diet – but this time of year it can be easy to let those good habits slip.

If you’ve already established a routine, do your best to stick to it. And even if that goes out of the window, give yourself at least 10 minutes of ‘me time’ a day, so you don’t always feel like you’re running around trying to get things done.

Bring a healthy option:

This one is especially for you if you’ve got plenty of Christmas parties to go to, and if you’ve been asked to bring a dish along with you, look up a healthy recipe, or a healthy alternative to a Christmas dish online for everyone to enjoy.

Christmas parties and buffets don’t have to be full of unhealthy options!

And for my final tip for today…

Take some time out:

Seriously, do it. You’re likely rushing around all day, every day at the moment, so it’s important to make yourself a hot drink and put your feet up for a moment.

You could find time to play a fun family board game, read a book, watch your favourite show.

Taking some quality time out of your busy schedule this time of year is essential to de-stress.

There you have it, 5 simple ways to not get as stressed and stay healthy this time of the year.

If you’re particularly suffering from back pain or anything else for that matter and don’t want it to get in the way of enjoying family time this Christmas, we are here to help. Call us on 01753 866274 or email

We also have a free special report with 9 quick easy ways to live with less back pain we can send over to you. Call us on 01753 866274.

Have a wonderful Christmas!
Apple Physio Team