Apple Physiotherapy @ Wentworth Spa


We are excited to announce that during January and February 2018 our Physiotherapy Clinic at Wentworth Tennis and Health Club is being beautifully refurbished.

Paula Jones and all the Wentworth Apple Physiotherapy Team (Charlotte Gailor, Sarah Brown and Natasha Premji) will be continuing their provision of Physiotherapy, acupuncture & hydrotherapy* from our Apple Physiotherapy Bracknell and Apple Physiotherapy Windsor locations during January and February 2018 (Both have easy access and plenty of parking!)

Click here to view our Clinic Locations with Maps

*Hydrotherapy only available at Apple Physiotherapy Bracknell and not at Apple physiotherapy Windsor

To access appointments with any of the team please use one of the following:
 Appointment booking telephone numbers:
Bracknell Clinic 01344 489398
Windsor Clinic 01753 866274

Remote bookings via our website:


Pulmonary rehab vital to treating killer COPD

A Royal College of Physicians report shows the clear benefits of rehabilitation to people with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

CSP’s Stuart Palma called for pulmonary rehabilitation to be a standard treatment across all regions

Most people with COPD who completed a pulmonary rehabilitation course (76 per cent) avoided hospital admission within six months after their initial assessment, compared to 62 per cent who did not.

The findings were published by the Royal College of Physicians on 13 December in a report titled Pulmonary Rehabilitation: Beyond Breathing Better.

People who were in hospital and who did not complete their pulmonary rehabilitation course within six months after their initial assessment, spent twice as long in hospital (9.6 days in six months), compared to those who were also admitted and did complete a course (4.8 days in six months), the document says.

Stuart Palma, head of the CSP’s Physiotherapy Works programme, said: ‘This report highlights the importance of patients having access to high quality pulmonary rehabilitation programmes, to avoid hospital admissions and reduce mortality rates.
‘It is shocking to think, that a patient who is eligible for pulmonary rehabilitation, but not offered it, increases their chances of admission to hospital by 12 per cent and mortality rate by nearly three per cent.

‘Not only does this have a huge impact on quality of life, it also increases the ever-growing burden and strain on primary and secondary care services.’

He called for all health and social care organisations to prioritise access pulmonary rehabilitation as a standard treatment for people who could benefit.

COPD – the collective term for emphysema and chronic bronchitis – is the fifth biggest killer in the UK and the only major cause of death that is on the increase, the report says. It is responsible for five per cent of annual deaths globally.