Knee and Lower Limb Rehab Course – Online

How would this benefit?

  • Have you found yourself doing more impact exercise like running and finding your knees are sore?
  • Have you previously had physiotherapy for a knee problem and found your knee is now stiffening up or becoming more achy?
  • Have you had previous knee surgery and were following a physiotherapy rehabilitation program but now found you are not doing enough of the exercises?
  • Are you struggling to find the motivation to do the right exercises to keep you fit and active or unsure of what exercises you should be doing to keep both physically fit but also strong in the legs and core?


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Here’s a great story about a patient of ours.

Meet Lucy….she was previously having regular Physio treatment for post-op knee surgery and was progressing well and had returned to running. She was really compliant with her Physio exercises and disciplined with her weekly exercise program so she was feeling her knee was really improving. And then Corona happened……and her knee started to grumble.


She admitted she wasn’t as compliant as she had been with her rehab exercises so she wasn’t doing enough lower limb strength, flexibility or core work and had substituted her limited time for going running – She was struggling for enough time between managing her kid’s home schooling and trying to hold down her own job –  so the meant more impact loading on the knee and less rehab exercise and that was the reason her knee was starting to flare up.

Does this sound like you?

Well you are certainly not alone and if you make the right step now and get in touch with us we can help – we can offer you specific lower limb core and conditioning exercise classes and one to one online video physio consultations.

We will be starting a four week lower limb conditioning and core program and each week there will be a specific emphasis on one the four “foundation pillars” –





Week 1 – Flexibility

This week will focus on dynamic and static stretching for not only the lower limb and but also the hip, pelvis and lower spine and will include key tips and advice on how to use a foam roller and spiky ball to enhance the soft tissue release effect in your muscle system

Week 2 – Strength and Conditioning

This week the emphasis will be on the most effective exercises for strengthening the key lower limb muscles and also the hip and pelvis – all key parts of what we call the “Kinetic Chain” Any weakness in the any part of the kinetic chain can result in increased loading and potential injur to the knee complex.

Week 3 – Balance and Core Stability

Balance is a key pillars that often gets over looked with more of an emphasis often placed on other rehab goals –well not anymore! We will separate fact from fiction and teach you both the key balance and core exercises that are both safe for your spine and most effective for engaging your core muscles and for improving your proprioceptive (balance) system. Improving both your balance and your core together will help with preventing any low limb and lower back muscle strains and fatigue and also will help with your balance and control especially with impact exercise such as running.

Week 4 – Cardiovascular Fitness

This week we are going to get your heart rate pumping and the legs working hard! Feel that burn! We will focus on HIIT  – High intensity interval training exercises that you can do in your home with no gym equipment necessary and show you plenty of alternate effective exercises that can improve your cardiovascular fitness and whilst not overloading your knees


Link above will take you to our booking software at Bodies Under Construction. Investment £40.

If you’d like more info on this, and some easy, actionable tips you can use now to start easing your knee. Connect with us on 01344 489 398 or click here to fill out our contact form. Please enter your details and tell us what’s going on with your knee. A member of the team will be in touch.

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