3 Tips to HELP you feel good during lock down

Here are some great tips to help you survive this lockdown period.

As we are now entering our 6th  week of lockdown each day can feel like a bit like groundhog day.  Therefore, establishing a routine is one of the most important things that we can do to survive both mentally and physically.
Making sure that we keep a similar schedule to that we would have had pre lock down will not only help you during this crazy time but will also help you re-adjust to life when things start to return to some sort of normality (whatever that might now be!) 
We have found that our clients are loving that fact that they can still do their weekly pilates classes online at the same time that they would have done them in the studio.   
For those that are working from home – it is SOOO easy to lose track of your day and continue working late into the evening.  Set yourself an alarm to ensure that you stop working and spend some quality time with your loved ones whether that be in person or virtually.
Ensure that you have a weekend – whatever that might mean to you.  Watch movies with your family, cook and eat together as a family, get into the garden if you are lucky enough to have one and maybe even have a camping evening (even if you don’t last the whole night).   Just make sure you do things that you can’t do during the week. 
We are so lucky that the world of technology has enabled us to keep in touch with our loved one and also do some extra activities in addition to our 1 hour of outdoor activity.  
 Online exercises classes are a great way to keep moving however there are also some other fun activites that you can do to keep us entertained as well as moving!!!!  
What about trying Tiktok.  For those that haven’t discovered it already it as social media platform that allows you to create  fun short mobile videos  – you choose for dance challenges or sports challenges which you can then share with your family and friends. It is a great form of entertainment and it is not just for the younger generation.  But be careful…. It can get very addictive!!!!!
YES. Have that treat without feeling guilty. At the end of a hard day make sure that you treat yourself – whether that means a glass of wine, eating chocolate or your favourite crisps, cooking or soaking in a hot bubble bath.  Reward yourself for getting through another day of lock down knowing that by staying home and staying safe means you playing your part in protecting lives.




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